Shannon's Senior Portraits

So for those of you who don't know, Shannon is my niece, and it's wonderful when I get to shoot her, she is such a natural and the camera loves her!  She currently lives in Kansas and came out for a visit when the school year ended, so we headed on a picture taking rampage.  We ate, breathed, dreamed photos for several days, and by the end I was tired of taking and she was tired of posing!  She's such an amazing young woman, and it's been so much fun to watch her grow up.  I can't believe she'll be a senior next year.  I was her age when she was born; yes you can probably do math and figure out how old I am now.  I remember pushing her on the swings in the park and teaching her to roll her tung.  Ha, how those blissful days have passed.  She's moved on to much harder challenges, like where to go to school and what to study?  She has an amazing gift with animals and loves science.  She's like the horse whisperer!  So much fun to see her be with creatures I can't relate to!  After three weeks of being here in the Bay Area on a vacation I sadly had to put her back on a plane to go home.  When she leave we miss her, my kids miss her, my hubby misses her and I miss her.  Hopefully she'll choose a college out her so we can see a little more of her, but it is her choice in the end.  I've absolutely loved being able to give her my gift of photography for this special time in her life.  You can check out her video on my Anor Photography Facebook page.