Make sure you've called to book your shoot, or sent an email to have Tiffany call you.  Don't forget to check out Anor Photography Facebook and Pinterest,  but with all this going on I'm sure you have lots of questions!  This will help you answer a few....


Book an Shoot

Call - 408.921.2583

Email - [email protected]

What Kind? - I do more than seniors even though that's all you see here because it's my no. 1 passion.  I do photograph seniors, families, maternity, and newborns.

*a sitting fee is due at the time of booking. 


At the time of booking we will not only book your shoot, but your consultation too.  This will happen about a week before your shoot to discuss wardrobe, location, props, products and any other questions you might have.  This can be done at your home or your favorite restaurant.

For Starters - I know you're excited to go shopping! So here's just a few tips.  

*buy what's you, but stay away from big logos and big prints on shirts.  Instead look for that in a scarf or tights/leggings, a bag, etc.  

*go bold with makeup, but remember heavy eyeliner makes your eyes narrow while heavy mascara will open them up.


                                         *discounts are only applied to senior portraits.  If you are interested in other types of shoots + discounts please contact me and I will get that information to you.

Like us on Facebook - this will save you 10% on your order, have to prove it at the time of your consultation. (applies to all types of shoots)

Tell your friends - if your friends or family book a shoot and order you will receive an 8x10 for free. 

Book a Senior Friend Shoot - If you and a friend book a shoot together you will each get a FREE 8x10 + 

*make sure to check our Facebook page for current specials.  



On our website -  a few images will be featured on our website. (graduates only) some may be for a short time only depending on how busy we are.

The Blog - Once your pictures are edited your "shot story" will be put on the blog.  (This is for all types of shoots.)  

Pinterest - There will be a folder on our pinterest site that will have a few of your edited images.  Here you'll be able to grab them for your facebook, twitter page, instagram etc. 

*one pic will be snapped with my phone during your shoot and uploaded to Instagram and our business facebook page.